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What we do

Meet business objectives

Because we understand business and technology we crystalize your business objectives before applying our minds to devising technology solutions that we will align to where you're heading. You only need engage us if we can demontrate a clear path to financial gain.

Business first. Technology second.

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Progressive integration

Integrated solutions

Our approach is to build integrated solutions that work properly. That means the individual pieces of the puzzle must progressively fit together to form a proverbial sum of the parts. We may need to tightly interface to one or more of your existing application environments or simply provide a data interchange capability.

Everything works together

Modern clean website design

In 2014 the trend is toward clean designs with bold graphics and simple direct messages.

We harness numerous techniques that enhance the user experience: grid-style layouts; crafty image captions; extended form elements; deeply-focused landing pages; HTML5 video players; responsive layouts, to mention a few.

The structure and content of your website is geared to reflect the character and soul of what you envisage for the business. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is assured by gearing for relevant and dynamic content. SEO is weaved into the website strategy from the start.

First impression. Window to the world. Vehicle for growth.

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CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5

Content Management Systems

We style websites from the ground up. Themes are designed from a clean sheet to represent your business uniquely. From our design tool we generate the necessary themes and content for html sites as well as CMSs: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, DotNetNuke, and Tumblr. Your website's theme can be rapidly adapted to new styling within hours. You can even change to a different CMS environment.

Power. Flexibility. Adaptability. Speed.

Google Analytics

We make extensive use of metrics available in Google Analytics as well as metric tools available in Social Media sites. This provides insights to how many visitors arrive at your site, how they got there, time spent on the site as well as individual pages, the search criteria used to find you, and much more. A website without Google Analytics tracking is like a car without a speedometer or fuel gauge.

We measure everything

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Zoho CRM, Sales, Marketing, Automation, Sell more, spend less

Sales and Marketing Automation | CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud based Customer Relationship Managent application with advanced functionality that compares favourably with far more complex and expensive offerings from Salesforce.com, Microsoft CRM, Oracle and others. Zoho, enjoyed by 9 million users,  also offers a suite of business and office applications that boast strong integration capabilities. By combining Zoho and Google Apps, Secita provides small and medium enterprises with big business solutions that require no infrastructure or capital investment. 

Generate sales. Not work

Google AdWords

Once your website is established on a sound footing, an AdWords campaign is a natural next step towards improving your site's popularity and page ranking in Google search - known as search engine marketing it adds SEO value. You only pay for what is actually clicked. We make sure that relevant key words are selected and we manage the campaign for you, providing frequent feedback and fine tuning. Compared to tradition advertissing, this is a true no-brainer.


Google AdWords

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Targeted messages with visually rich graphics can find your market across numerous media such as online publications, YouTube, social media, email and mobile devices. Affiliate marketing is another lead generating avenue that may work for you.

Low cost. Measurable. Targeted. Instant. Reach.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Its simple to get going, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Secita combines Google Apps with Zoho CRM to provide a robust and full-function office productivity plus sales and marketing automation.

A better way of working

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Email campaigns

Email campaigns

The most powerful online marketing tool is still email. Even people who use social media say email is the best way to communicate. Maximum ROI is achieved by means of focused email campaigns targetting your CRM contacts. This is a major link in your well developed digital eco-system. Your website draws visitors and their contact details into the CRM from which targetted communications flow, leading to clicks into the campaign landing pages and further contact acquisition into the CRM resulting in more sales.

The best form of acquisition after SEO

Social media

Our mission is to identify the people you want to reach, understand what motivates them, and then design strategies to bring them closer to you. This means building experiences and communities that allow you to connect to people in meaningful ways through interactive dialogue and exchange of value.

Relationships that drive business value

Social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

Strengthen brand, Image, Reputation

Reputation management

We utilize a leading South African technology service that monitors online conversations and employs innovative crowd-sourcing tactics  to report on positive, neutral and negative sentiment connected to your brand, organisation and key people across all online media.

Accurate insights for better business decisions

Custom applications

Previously considered prohibitively time and resource hungry, we are able to rapidly and affordably deliver bespoke database applications with workflows and data models that meet your specific needs. Naturally these applications will integrate within the frameworks discussed above and operate on all popular general and mobile computer devices.

Custom. Bespoke. Mobile. Integrated. Value. Applications

Custome build bespoke Applications, Apps

Secita Recruit

Based on Zoho's Automatic Tracking System, Secita developed a web-portal solution that serves Administrators, Employers, Job seekers and Freelance professionals. Features include Resume Management, Client and Contact Management, Post Job Openings, Resume Parsing, Custom Recruitment Workflow, and Email integration with Outlook and Google Apps.

Source. Engage. Manage. Integrate.