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Blackstone Tek is the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle carbon fibre wheels. In response to their call for wider channels to global markets, Secita built a website backed by a strong CRM sales and marketing automation capability. New leads and opportunities continue to pour into the CRM via the website, resulting in direct sales and new channels opening up. Top of search is well established for common key words.


Blackstone Tek, BST

   AVeS Cyber Security

AVeS, a provider of comprehensive information security and infrastructure solutions to the corporate market, wanted a professsional website that presented a compelling view of their range of technology and service offerings. 


Pok'it is a promotional sports products supplier who needed a website that presented their offering to the corporate sponsor market. Secita published a website that simply and succintly accomplished this along with a comprehensive Zoho CRM implementation to support sales and marketing communications.




Personnel Recruitment and Freelance Administration company, MagicPeople, sought an automated solution that allowed Administrators to manage Employers, Job seekers and Freelancers while allowing their clients to access key information via the web. Secita combined Zoho's Automated Tracking System with custom web applications to created a web portal and back-office automation solution.


Blackmagic, a successful marketing communications and events company in Sandton, wanted a website that reflected the "magic" of their organisation. Built using Adobe Flash, Secita project managed the development of this website, advising on style, structure and content.


Blackmagic Communications


Early in 2012 Secita developed solutions for Ducati Sandton and Cape Town. They wanted a new website to emulate the style of Ducati Holdings International. Secita built a new website, and provided a range of application services including Google Apps, Email and Zoho CRM. Cost of marketing was dramatically reduced and sales increased as 90% of new sales were as a direct result of visits to the website, drawn by top of search page positioning. The CRM managed leads, contacts and opportunities. Development of electronic transaction processing capabilities, such as "Offer to Purchase", contributed to increased sales productivity. In 2013, the ducati.co.za was no longer available and a new domain demanded extensive SEO work to regain top of search positioning.